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Change how many posts display per page


You can manually set the maximum number of blog posts to appear on all of your post pages (like the blog feed, archive pages, etc.) by going to:

WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Reading > choose desired number next to the "Blog pages show at most" option > Save Changes

This will set the number of posts that appear on all pages in one big blanket setting.


Sometimes, the standard WordPress post count setting (noted above) doesn't quite go far enough. What if you don't want one post count number applied to every page on your site? 

For example, what if you want to have 5 posts display on your homepage/blog feed and then 8 posts display on your category pages? 

Or what if you're using a layout such as "1st post full, then grid"? Your homepage may be displaying 5 posts but then when you click the "Older Posts" button, these paginated pages will have an odd gap in the grid layout. It would be best to then use an even number on these pages. 

Fear not! There's a simple solution that allows you to have complete control over how many posts appear on any page of your site: the "Custom Post Limits" plugin.

Install and activate the Custom Post Limits plugin on your WordPress. 

Then, navigate to WP Dashboard > Settings > Post Limits to change the settings. 

There are a lot of various post page options to change here, but you don't need to set a number for each one. 

Note: Consider using the standard WordPress post count setting (noted at the top of this article) to set a general post count that will apply to all pages. Then, using the Custom Post Limits plugin customize just those post feed pages which you want a different post count for. 


Let's say I am using the "1st post full, then grid" layout option on my homepage. I would like to have 5 posts display on my homepage so that there is one big post followed by 4 grid post beneath it. However, when I click the "Older Posts" button to go to "Page 2" of my blog feed, there are now 5 grid items. This looks a bit funky! 

To fix this, I would go to WP Dashboard > Settings > Post Limit (remember to install and activate the "Custom Post Limits" plugin to see this option!). 

I'd scroll down to where I see the option "Front Page Limit". Because I want 5 posts to display on my homepage, I'll set this to be "5". 

Beneath, there is the sub-option "---paged (non first page). This is to control the number of posts shown on "paged" pages of my homepage, or, the pages shown when I click the "Older Posts" button. I don't want 5 grid items shown on these pages; I want an even number so the grid layout isn't un-even. So I'll choose to show "6" posts on these pages. 

Be sure to save changes at the bottom of the screen when finished. 

And voila! 

Use this same method to change the post counts on any other pages you may want to customize-- category pages, tag pages, search pages, and more!

Have any questions about this? Don't hesitate to open up a new support ticket and let us know! We'd be more than happy to help.