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Translate your theme using Loco Translate

By default, all of our themes come in the English language. Though it's absolutely possible to translate this to another language, of course! For this, we recommend using the free plugin called "Loco Translate" (

Steps to translating your theme with Loco Translate:

1. First, navigate to WP Dashboard > Settings > General > and change your "Site Language" to the language you'll be translating your theme into. 

2. Install & activate the "Loco Translate" plugin

3. Navigate to WP Dashboard > Loco Translate. At the top will be a heading that says "Active theme". Beneath, you should see your Solo Pine theme name. Click on the hyperlinked theme name. 

4. On the next screen, below the title of your theme, you should see 2 links/buttons. If the second says "Create template", click this link first. Next, click the blue button titled "Create template".

If your link did not say "Create template" but instead said "Edit template", move onto the next step.

5. Click the little "New Language" button. Next, select the language you want to translate the theme into from the drop-down menu titled "WordPress Language". Below, where it says "Choose a location", we recommend leaving it on the default first option. When finished, click the "Start translating" button. 

6. Here, you'll be able to select each bit of English text in the theme and create a translation for it. 

There are 2 important sections on this screen, the top-most box titled "Source Text" and the bottom box titled "[Your language] Translation". 

All of the theme's hard-coded English text "strings" are noted in the first "Source Text" box. To begin, click on one of the text strings you'd like to translate. Then, once you've highlighted an English text string, click down into the box titled "[Your language] Translation". Here, you can type in the translation for that text string. 

When finished, the translation should appear to the right of the English text string in that top "Source Text" box.


Continue this step for each of the English text strings in the "Source Text" box. 

Please note: Not all of the English text strings really need to be translated nor should be translated. For example, some are bits of text your site visitors will never see as it's on your WP Dashboard area. Or, it may be strange-looking bits of code that look like this: %1$s at %2$s . You can ignore these. 

When finished, click the blue "Save" button. 

RTL Languages

To change the theme's text to display RTL (for languages such as Hebrew), ensure that your WordPress language has been set to your desired RTL language. To do so, navigate to WP Dashboard > Settings > Site Language > and change the language here. Save changes. 

If you notice any text elements which are still displaying LTR, feel free to contact us via support ticket. We'd be happy to help!