Sitka: Updating Advanced Custom Fields PRO Plugin

In our Sitka theme, we've included the third-party plugin called Advanced Custom Fields PRO. This plugin provides crucial support for a variety of Sitka customization options. It is packaged within the theme itself.

When Advanced Custom Fields PRO (ACFP) releases an update for the plugin, it will automatically post a message on the WP Dashboard of ALL users recommending you update the plugin. However, because your ACFP plugin is included within the Sitka theme, you will not be able to update it as you would other plugins. Instead, we will release a Sitka theme update that includes the most recent version of ACFP.

When a Sitka theme update is released, you can update the theme

Next, you should see a notification at the top of your dashboard asking you to update the "Sitka Blocks" plugin. Once Sitka Blocks is updated you'll see a new notification asking you to update ACF Pro.

Don't see the notification? Navigate to WP Dashboard > Appearance > Install Plugins and update it here.

Now, you will have the most recent version of the Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin.

Please note that not every Sitka update will necessarily include a new version of ACF Pro. A notification will only appear if there has been a new ACF Pro update since Sitka was last updated.