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How do I update Visual Composer in Willow?

Please note: This FAQ Article is specifically for the Willow theme.

Due to extended licensing, you cannot simply update the Visual Composer plugin automatically via the Dashboard. As the updated Visual Composer plugin is included within your Willow theme package, you will first want to ensure you are running the latest version of Willow. By ensuring your have the latest version of Willow installed, you will then have access to the latest version of the Visual Composer plugin.


Please be sure to follow each of these steps:

1. Update your Willow theme to the latest version: This includes downloading Willow from your ThemeForest account and re-installing it onto your WordPress dashboard. 
For steps on how to update your WordPress theme to the latest version, please check out this tutorial article: How do I update my theme with the latest version?

2. Deactivate Visual Composer: Navigate to WP Dashboard > Plugins > and deactivate the Visual Composer plugin.

3. Delete Visual ComposerDelete the deactivated Visual Composer plugin.

4. Re-install Visual Composer: Willow's notice to install Visual Composer, which is required by the theme, will re-appear at the top of your WP Dashboard as when you first installed the theme. Click through the notification's link and re-install the plugin. 

You will now have the latest supported version of Visual Composer included in Willow.