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How do I import the demo content?

Important to note: To ensure all content is imported correctly, please be sure to have installed all of the required plugins that are noted at the top of your WP Dashboard when you first installed & activated the theme.

Also good to note: While the XML file can import the demo site's content (demo posts, demo pages, demo menu items), it cannot import the Customizer settings (such as pre-set layouts). You will need to select your homepage layout, preferred colors, enable/disable sidebar, etc. within the theme's Customizer section. It only takes a moment to do! 

When downloading your theme from ThemeForest, be sure to choose the download option "All files and documentation". This will include the theme's demo content XML file within a folder titled "demo" or "demo content". You'll import this XML file into your WordPress Dashboard to import the various demo site posts, pages, images, etc. for your theme. 

  • On your WordPress dashboard in the left-hand menu, select Tools > Import.
  • Select the "WordPress" option. If you haven't used the WP Importer before, you may need to first install it and activate it (it will give you this option on the spot if required).

  • Click the "Browse" button and find the theme's demo content XML file.
  • You will be given the option of choosing which "author" name will be assigned to the imported content. Otherwise, click "Submit".

This will import the demo site's images, posts, pages, etc.  

Importing widgets and Customizer settings 

Please note that the WordPress Importer won't import the Customizer settings or widgets from the demo website. You can download the Customizer and Widget import files from your theme below:

Sprout & Spoon

Please note that Hawthorn and Sitka have built in full demo import options. Check out the Hawthorn guide and the Sitka guide.

Once you have the 2 additional import files, you can follow these steps:


  • First, ensure you've installed and activated any required or recommended plugins the theme notifies you of at the top of your WP Dashboard area. 
  • Navigate to WP Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > and install/activate the plugin "One Click Demo Import" ( 
  • Go to WP Dashboard > Appearance > Import Demo Data. Here you'll see upload fields for a .dat and .wie file. Select the two files from the zip folder you downloaded from the links above. Once selected click "Import Demo Data".