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How do I setup / troubleshoot my Featured Area slider in Hemlock?

Please note: This FAQ Article is specifically for the Hemlock theme.

Setting up Hemlock's Featured Area slider:

In your WP dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Featured Area Settings

Here you can enable/disable the slider on your homepage, select a specific post category that will then populate the slider, hide the category name from displaying/overlaying the featured image on the slider, and choose the number of slides that will appear in the slider.

*Please note: The slider is coded to display 3 slides at a time. If you choose to have more than 3 slides display, the remainders will display when the user chooses to scroll over to them.

Can I choose which specific posts appear in the slider instead of an entire category?

Yes, there is a way to work around this. We recommend creating a new category titled something like "Featured." When you wish to have a particular post appear in the featured area, simply assign this "Featured" category to it along with any other categories that apply.

Within Appearance > Customize > Feature Area Settings, ensure that your "Featured" category is chosen.

If a category is not selected for the Featured Area slider, it will automatically display your Most Recent posts.

My Featured Area is not showing up!

No worries! This often due to simple mistakes. Please make sure you have checked the box next to "Enable Featured Slider" within Appearance > Customize > Featured Area Settings on your WP dashboard.

Also, make sure that you have assigned a Featured Image to your post. The Featured Area slider will pull the post's Featured Image to display. When you are creating/editing a post, there is a box on the bottom-right of the page titled "Featured Image." This is where you will need to upload the desired image.

For help on assigning a featured image, check out: How do I add a Featured Image?

What can I do if my Featured Area images are displaying in different sizes?

The images in the Featured Area slider need to be at least 650 x 440 px. If they are under these dimensions, WordPress cannot upscale them to fit the space correctly. However, if your images are larger than 650 x 440 px and are still displaying in wonky sizes, you may need to regenerate/refresh your images. We highly recommend the plugin called Regenerate Thumbnails.