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How do I enable/disable comments on my posts and pages?

Our themes hook into WordPress's comment system. To enable/disable the ability for your visitors to post comments, you can follow these steps. The procedure is the same for both Pages and individual Posts.



Enabling/disabling comments in published Posts/Pages

Open up your page's or posts's create/edit screen. On the right, you'll see a little section titled "Discussion". 

To enable comments on this particular Page or Post, check both option boxes. To disable comments, you can un-check these boxes. Be sure to click the "Update" button in order to save these changes.

Enable/disable comments for all future Posts/Pages

To set whether or not your future posts have comments automatically enabled/disabled by default, you can go to WP Dashboard > Settings > Discussion > And look under the "Default article settings" section. 

Here, you'll see the option to "Allow people to post comments on new articles". Check or un-check the box depending on your preference. Be sure to click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page when you're finished.

Comments STILL not showing?

If your comment section is still not appearing even after enabling it, check to make sure the option to automatically close comments after a set time period isn't enabled by default. 

Navigate to WP Dashboard > Settings > Discussion > and look for the option "Automatically close comments on posts older than -- days". If this option is checked, un-check the box, save changes, and see if this helps!