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How to add featured posts to Hickory's featured area

Please note: This FAQ Article is specifically for the Hickory theme.

Hickory's Featured Area option is a great way to exhibit particular posts front-and-center to those visiting your site. Assigning specific posts to the Featured Area is a snap-- just follow these steps!

Hickory Featured Area Screenshot #1

Within the post you'd like to have appear in the Featured Area, go to its create/edit screen. Scroll down to the post's settings area. Check the box next to "Featured Post?" and ensure you've assigned a Featured Image to the post itself. Save. Repeat this process with any other posts you'd like to have appear in the Featured Area.

Hickory Featured Area Screenshot #2

Next, navigate to Appearance > Hickory Options > Homepage Options.
Here, you can enable your Featured Area, choose the Featured Area Layout, and also assign the posts you'd like to appear in it. To choose your posts, click within the blank space of the "Posts" box. A list will appear of all of the posts you've checked to be Featured Posts (our previous step). Select the posts you'd like to be featured, drag and drop them into the order you'd like them to appear, delete them, and add more if you'd like. Be sure to "Save Changes" when you're finished.

Hickory Featured Area Screenshot #3

Screenr Video Walk-thru

Want to see more? Screenr Video for How to Add Featured Posts to Hickory's Featured Area