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Why is Facebook pulling in the wrong image when I share my post?

If the wrong image (or no image at all) is being pulled in when your post is shared on Facebook, it's often an easy fix!

First, please ensure you've assigned a Featured Image to your post. A Featured Image is a representative picture for your post which is used in a number of areas & functions. To assign a Featured Image, open up your post's create/edit screen and look to the bottom-right. Here, you'll see a box where you can add your desired image.

Assign Featured Image Screenshot

If you have a Featured Image assigned to your post and are still experiencing the issue, we recommend using the plugin called WP Open Graph.

When you share a post to your Facebook account, Facebook's crawlers go through and 'scrape' the post's HTML to grab the relevant information to share. Sometimes, these crawlers need a bit of help. To give them a hand, you can use the WP Open Graph plugin which adds additional meta fields to each of your posts. This better helps FB's crawlers to identify the pertinent information to ensure your users share the correct details each and every time.

Open Graph Meta Screenshot

Please note: Once you've installed/activated the plugin and ensured your post's Open Graph meta details are correct, it can take up to 24 hours for Facebook's crawlers to come around and scrape your page again.