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Targeting text elements in Hemlock - CSS Selectors

Please note: This FAQ Article is specifically for the Hemlock theme.

This list of Hemlock's text element CSS is in coordination with this article: How do I change my theme's fonts?

Below, we've noted nearly all of Hemlock's text elements and how to target them with CSS in order to change their font-family. 

Should you have any questions regarding the below elements, want any clarification, or would like a hand adjusting the font of elements within Hemlock, please don't hesitate to open up a new support ticket and let us know!

/* ----- General Body Text ----- */
p   [SPACER]   .post-entry   [SPACER]   .post-entry p

/* ----- Menu Items ----- */
/* Top-bar menu items */   .menu li a 

/* ----- Slider Overlay ----- */
/* Slider category */   #owl-demo .item .feat-overlay .feat-cat a 
/* Slider post title */   #owl-demo .item .feat-overlay h3 a

/* ----- Post Header ----- */
/* Post header title */   .post-header h1 a   [SPACER]   .post-header h2 a   [SPACER]   .post-header h1 
/* Post header category */    .post-header .cat a 
/* Post header date */   .post-header .date 

/* ----- Post/Page Content Areas ----- */
/* Theme's body text */    p   [SPACER]   .post-entry   [SPACER]   .post-entry p 
/* Post/Page blockquotes */   .post-entry blockquote p 
/* Post/Page numbered lists & bulleted lists */   .post-entry ul li   [SPACER]   .post-entry ol li 
/* Continue Reading */   .post-entry a.more-link

/* Post/Page H-tags */
.post-entry h1 
.post-entry h2 
.post-entry h3 
.post-entry h4 
.post-entry h5 
.post-entry h6 

/* ----- Sidebar & Footer Widgets ----- */
/* Widget titles */   .widget-title 
/* Sidebar body text */   #sidebar p 
/* Latest posts widget post titles */   .widget ul.side-newsfeed li .side-item .side-item-text h4 a 
/* Latest posts widget date */   .widget ul.side-newsfeed li .side-item .side-item-text .side-item-meta 
/* WP's recent posts widget items */   .widget_recent_entries ul li a 
/* WP's archive widget items */   .widget_archive ul li a 
/* WP's category widget items */   .widget_categories ul li a 

/* ----- Footer Area ----- */
/* Footer social icons */   #footer-social a  
/* Footer text beneath logo image */   #footer-logo p  
/* Footer copyright text */  #footer-copyright p