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Make Oleander's logo area full-width

Please note: This FAQ Article is specifically for the Oleander theme.

By default, Oleander's logo image is centered within a container that is 1140px wide. If you have a larger logo image or full-width hero image that you'd like to exceed this 1140px width container, you can follow these steps to remove the width restriction on the logo image area.

We will need to access the theme's "header.php" file.

You can typically access this file via Appearance > Editor, via FTP, or via a code editor plugin such as WPide (recommended).

Within the "header.php" file, on Line 76, you will see the following code:

<div class="container">

You can delete this bit of code.

Then, on Line 100, you will see this bit of code:


You can delete this code as well.

Be sure to save the file when you're finished.

Logo image not spanning the website's full-width automatically? You can navigate to Appearance > Customize > Custom CSS and copy & paste in the following code:

#logo img {width: 100%;}

Again, please be sure to save changes.