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Adjust Redwood's featured area slider timer

Please note: This FAQ article is specifically for the Redwood theme.

To adjust the auto-rotation of Redwood's slider, you can do so within the "solopine.js" file.

To get started, we like to recommend installing a code editor plugin such as WPide which will allow you to not only access the necessary theme file, but will also apply lovely line numbers to the file.
If you would rather not use a code editor plugin, you can make the change via FTP.

After WPide is installed and activated, you can navigate to WP Dashboard > WPide > themes > redwood > "js" folder > and open up "solopine.js".

Between Lines 12 - 22, you will see the following block of code for the featured area slider:

// BXslider
    $('.featured-area .bxslider').bxSlider({
        pager: false,
        auto: ($(".bxslider div.feat-item").length > 1) ? true: false,
        pause: 7000,
        nextText: '<i class="fa fa-angle-right"></i>',
        prevText: '<i class="fa fa-angle-left"></i>',
        onSliderLoad: function(){
            $(".sideslides").css("visibility", "visible");

Within, you can see a line of code which control the slider's auto-rotate speed:

pause: 7000,

The "pause" function tells the slider how often to rotate. By default, it is set to "7000". This is measured in milliseconds, so the slider will rotate every 7 seconds. You are very welcome to adjust the slider's speed by increasing or decreasing the number value.

Be sure to save changes when finished.