Adding post pagination to Rosemary & Redwood

Please note: This article is specifically for the Rosemary & Redwood themes. 

If you would like to insert links titled "Previous Post" and "Next Post" on your singular post pages, it's super easy! 

You can install the plugin called WP Post Navigation which, when activated, will automatically insert links to the previous and next post of whichever post you are currently viewing.  




You can customize the plugin's settings to adjust how these post pagination links are displayed. To do this, you can navigate to WP Dashboard > Settings > WP Post Navigation.

By default, the pagination links will display the title of the previous and next posts. 
If you would prefer to have them simply say "Previous Post" and "Next Post", you can check the box next to the option titled "Custom Text", and then enter what you would like the links to say. 




When using this plugin, we've noticed the pagination links and their arrows may appear quite large and close to the end of the post's text/content. If you would like to add a bit of spacing and vertically center the link text, you can navigate to WP Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Custom CSS, and copy & paste in the following code:

.wp-post-navigation {margin: 80px 0;}
.wp-post-navigation a {line-height: 26px;}




If you would like to change the links' colors or perhaps change the links' font-sizing, feel free to open up a new support ticket and let us know! We'd be happy to provide the necessary CSS code to make it happen.